Julios Corn Chips are legend in these parts. The signature yellow bags of corn chips can be found on shelves of every HEB Grocery Store and Wal-Mart Super Center in San Antonio, San Angelo, and even Houston and Dallas. This now-thriving, but small Del Rio food manufacturing company has humble beginnings, having grown to a successful company with little more than the word of mouth of hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.These chips are seasoned with a Tex-Mex mix of garlic, paprika, cumin and lime that is robust without being overdone. The signature seasoned tortilla chips along with a container of Julio’s salsa (hot or mild) can usually be found at any gathering, whether it is a wedding party or football game. For many, once they’ve tried it, they are regular customers. Despite all the obstacles the Garcia family has overcome, loyal, enthusiastic customers explain the success of Del Rio’s own Julio’s Seasoning and Corn Chips.As the father of ten children, Julio T. Garcia held many jobs throughout his life. But it was in the field of being a chef that he found his calling. As the head chef at the Branding Iron Steak House in north Del Rio, he earned a magnificent reputation for his steaks because of his secret seasoning. The Branding Iron, still standing today, vacant, near the Days Inn, was a favorite gathering place for many Del Rioans in the 1970s and early 1980s. The restaurant’s owner played the piano on busy nights. One busy evening, Garcia was so overwhelmed with orders for his steaks that he released his frustration by banging on the grill and overhead pots and pans with his cooking utensils. He released his anger above the piano chords, but the fury turned to harmony as he redirected his random noise into rhythm with the piano. As time went on, Garcia added his hearty voice to his “pots and pans” percussion, singing the Spanish standard, “El Rancho Grande.” The patrons instantly loved it, and Julio Garcia became an institution... Read The Full Story

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